About Axxiom

Axxiom Healthcare Alliance offers a 25 year history of conducting world class healthcare marketing
research. Our vision and mission is to coordinate a network of independent experts to provide
excellent healthcare research.

In 1985, the Axxiom Network established the original "one stop shop" to coordinate
independent research fieldwork services across the US. At the time, this provided a quantum leap
in efficiency for researchers conducting complex, large scale projects across multiple US regions.

In today's fast-paced business environment, similar projects still require expert coordination to ensure
quality standards are maintained while moving at the speed of light. Our 25 year legacy is testament to
our committment to continually improve our practice by integrating classical research techniques with the latest technology.

Our intention is to outperform the perceived leaders in our industry regarding our client's expectations of
overall quality, efficiency, flexibility and value. We have always accomplished this by being smarter, not bigger.

Axxiom Network