About Axxiom
Physicians, Administrators, and Key Opinion Leaders

The Axxiom network provides access to physicians across a wide-variety of targeted specialties from actively managed panels.

Combining these resources with 30 years of industry expertise gives Axxiom a unique capability to deliver quality results at very competitive prices, even among Administrators and Key Opinion Leaders..

Our goal is to provide accurate quotes, precise sample targeting, and expert management from start to finish.

Physicians, Administrators and Key Opinion Leaders are available across the following specialties:

Allergists / Immunologists Hematologists Pain Management Specialists
Anaesthesiologists Hematology Oncologists Pediatricians
Cardiologists Infectious Disease Specialists Plastic Surgeons
Cardiothoracic Surgeons Nephrologists Primary Care Physicians (GP / IM)
Critical Care Specialists Neurologists Psychiatrists
Dermatologists Neurological Surgeons Pulmonologists
Emergency Medicine OB/GYNs Radiologists
Endocrinologists Oncologists Rheumatologists
Gastroenterologists Opthalmologists Thoracic Surgeons
General Surgeons Orthopedic Surgeons Vascular Surgeons
Geriatricians Otolaryngologists Urologists
Axxiom Network