About Axxiom

Qualitative Research Overview

The Axxiom network provides full service qualitative research for clients requiring market insights for mission-critical decision support.

Combining the power of our recruitment resources with 30 years of industry expertise gives Axxiom a unique capability to deliver high quality research results at very competitive prices.

Our goal is to provide high quality depth insights, on time and within budget.


In-Depth Interviews

Axxiom has been conducting in-depth interviews for healthcare market research for decades. We conduct most in-depth interviews by telephone using highly qualified and experienced interviewers who understand how best to gain the needed insights from physicians and key opinion leaders. Our interviewers are qualified on the basis of advanced credentials such as Ph.D, PharmD, etc. and years of medical market research interviewing.


Focus Groups

Axxiom works in collaboration with the leading focus group facilities to recruit and conduct healthcare related and consumer focus groups across the United States. In such cases we feel the quality of recruitment and the expertise of the moderator are keys to the success of the research.



Axxiom's qualitative market research analysis is conducted by highly qualified research and medical experts with advanced credentials and experience. We believe it is unwise to leave research analysis in the hands of relatively junior project managers and report writers, which is common practice among "leading" research firms.

Instead, we at Axxiom develop a team for each project that combines research and project management expertise with actual knowledge of the category being researched, and each member of that team (having no less than 15 years professional experience) maintains involvement in the research throughout it's various stages.

Since analysis is actually the cumulative product of all stages of the research project, we thoroughly debrief at the team level post-field, and practice close cooperation during anaylsis. Internal debrief sessions often take on a "war-gaming" approach, as each individual team member is free to contribute fully, and leverage their expertise in the research process to challenge all others to evoke the most valuable insights from the process.


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