About Axxiom

Quantitative Research Overview

The Axxiom network provides full service quantitative research for clients requiring market insights for mission-critical decision support.

Combining the power of our recruitment resources with 30 years of industry expertise gives Axxiom a unique capability to deliver high quality research results at very competitive prices.

Our goal is to provide high-quality market insights derived from sophisticated statistical analysis, on time and within budget.


Objectives, Design and Methodology

All great research begins with well-formed objectives. These objectives, which typically express a need for knowledge and insight to support decision-making, drive the design and fulfillment of quantitative research, from the methods employed to the various analyses performed.

Axxiom looks carefully at the underlying needs driving a client's request for research to help first clarify the research objectives. Axxiom then take's responsibility for the fulfillment of those objectives in partnership with our clients. The research design process involves selecting the best possible approach to answer the client's objectives, while remaining conscientious of practical realities such as budget and timing.

Axxiom draws on the expertise of our researchers with decades of experience to plan, design, execute and deliver the highest quality research insights possible for a given set of client objectives, and within an agreed upon budget and timeline. It is precisely Axxiom's creativity, pragmatism, depth and diversity of research experience that enables the proper balancing of these priorities on behalf of our clients.



Axxiom's quantitative market research analysis is conducted by highly qualified research analysts with advanced experience. We believe it is unwise to leave complex statistical analysis in the hands of junior researchers, which is common practice among "leading" research firms.

Instead, we at Axxiom develop a team for each project that combines extensive project management expertise with actual knowledge of the analytcial techniques employed.

Since analysis is actually the cumulative product of all stages of the research project, we thoroughly debrief at the team level post-field, and practice close cooperation during analysis. Internal debrief sessions often take on a "war-gaming" approach, as each individual team member is free to contribute fully, and leverage their expertise in the research process to challenge all others to evoke the most valuable insights from the process.

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