About Axxiom

Sample / Panel Recruitment Services Overview

The Axxiom network provides access to millions of respondents across a wide-variety of targeted profiles from actively managed panels, online communities, verified databases, and social networks.

Combining the power of these resources with 30 years of industry expertise gives Axxiom a unique capability to deliver quality results at very competitive prices, even among traditionally "hard to reach" respondents.

Our goal is to provide accurate quotes, precise sample targeting, and expert sample management from start to finish.


Patients / Caregivers / Healthcare Consumers

Millions of diagnosed sufferers of over 100 disease states and ailments are available via Axxiom for your specific research project. Axxiom has the capability to deliver targeted disease / ailment sufferers to your online study quickly, efficiently and at a highly competitive prices.

Caregivers of diagnosed sufferers (especially mothers with diagnosed children in the household) are available via Axxiom.

Healthcare consumers are also available. Axxiom classifies these as users of consumer / OTC products and not necessarily diagnosed with any particular illness by a physician.

Recent recruitment projects include:

- 1600 ADHD patients and caregivers for multi-year longitudinal brand tracker
- 315 HIV+ patients for ad hoc discrete choice
- 1100 mild to medium asthma sufferers for ad hoc segmentation
- 350 RA sufferers for longitudinal ad testing


Physicians, Specialists and Key Opinion Leaders are available for recruitment via Axxiom. We also recruit hospital administrators. Click here to see a list of specialties available.

Recent recruitment projects include:

- 75 Neurologists for concept testing of orphan drug
- 36 Oncology KOL's for concept testing of early phase imaging product
- 20 Opthalmologist KOLs for biologic concept testing


Allied Health Professionals

Nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and a wide range of allied health professionals are available. Click here to see a list of specialties available.

Recent recruitment projects include:

- 32 Nurses for pre-launch review of hospital product informational materials

Managed Care Decision Makers

Managed care strategy is critical to the success of a pharmaceutical product. Axxiom provides access to qualified managed care decision makers for pharmaceutical research.



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